Registration for Gym
• Download app from Play Store ( or App Store ( • Select “Join as Partner” option. • Select “Fitness Trainer” option from dropdown to register as trainer or select “Nutritionist” option for creating account as Nutritionist. • Fill all the necessary details in the registration form • Verify either email or phone number and sign-up as trainer/nutritionist.
Click on “Withdraw” button at home-screen of Gym dashboard.
Under free package, trainers can get only 3 subscribers and can add two packages.
• Trainers/Nutritionists can associated with their respective gym either at the type of registration. • Another way to associated with respective gym is to go to “Detailed Profile”. • Select “Associated with Fitness Academies” button and select gym you want to get associated with. • Click “send request” button and your request will be submitted to gym. • Gym can accept/reject your request
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